About IAR

The music industry is not just for major labels and multi-platinum artists anymore. Thanks to technology, independent artists who record on their computers, practice in their garages, and post videos online can gain fans, fame, and turn opportunities into long-lasting careers. Despite these new opportunities, the problem remained that many independent musicians still lacked access to basic legal documents designed to protect these careers they are working so hard to build.

Luckily, Indie Artist Resource solved that problem.

Indie Artist Resource was founded by Erin M. Jacobson,* who is known in the entertainment business as “The Music Industry Lawyer.” Her desire to protect musicians’ careers and businesses drives her motivation as a music lawyer. Erin founded Indie Artist Resource after seeing that many independent musicians were afraid to hire a lawyer due to cost, fear, or lack of knowledge about working with an attorney. Thus, these musicians proceeded in their careers without the proper protections in place.  She knew something had to be done for musicians to eliminate the barriers musicians often face to meet their basic legal and business needs.

Indie Artist Resource is a central location for the legal and business needs of independent musicians. Indie Artist Resource currently offers basic legal template contracts and educational products for indie artists and bands. Musicians and other independent artists can use these services to help protect themselves against losing ownership of their work, minimizing or avoiding disputes, and setting themselves up to get paid.

The music business is full of true stories where musicians have lost the rights to their work because they didn’t protect it from the beginning and they couldn’t afford to fight for the rights once disputes arose.  Indie Artist Resource wants all independent artists to start thinking of their careers as a business, to protect their work, and ultimately, to grow their careers and make a living off of creating music.



Please note state designations on each contract template listing.  Consultations are currently only available in CA for CA residents.  By providing these contract templates, neither IAR nor Erin M. Jacobson, Esq. is providing legal advice or forming an attorney-client relationship with you unless you purchase a package that comes with a consultation with Erin M. Jacobson, Esq. or you retain Erin M. Jacobson, Esq. separately under a specific agreement for her to provide legal advice or services.

* Erin M. Jacobson, Esq. is licensed to practice law in California by the California State Bar.

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