Indie Artist Resource provides affordable, easy, DIY legal solutions to protect your music and your career. 


Are you making great music with your band, but you are still unsure who owns your music and who owns your band name?

Have you hired someone to produce your new album or manage you, but only have a vague verbal agreement and you are afraid you are going to get screwed?

Do you know you need to legally protect your music and your career, but you can’t afford attorneys’ fees and are intimidated by the suits and legal concepts you don’t understand?



By using Indie Artist Resource, you can protect your music with high-quality contract templates drafted by a music attorney at prices you can afford.

Here’s how it works: You pick and purchase an item or a package of items that fit with your situation, complete the checkout process and download your forms, follow the instructions, and you’re finished.  It’s easy.

If you don’t take care of your business, who will?

Click here to protect your music now.


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