IAR Turns One!

Indie Artist Resource launched one year ago today!  Thank you for everyone who has supported IAR thus far and this year will be better than ever!

The website has been moved to a new server and spruced up for a better user experience.  And for a big announcement:

IAR contract templates are available for download by residents outside of CA!

and there are special packages created to reflect these forms (CA people may download them as well).

I’m thrilled to be offering you greater selection and there are still more updates and upgrades to come. 

Please browse the shop now and get your business in order!

Jacobson, Esq. Erin M.

Erin M. Jacobson is a practicing attorney that represents musicians, songwriters, music publishers, producers, and other music professionals. She is known throughout the music business as "The Music Industry Lawyer" and her clients range from Grammy and Emmy Award winners to independent artists and companies. She works directly with her clients at every career stage and strives to protect her clients and their creative endeavors through deal negotiations and proper intellectual property management. Erin founded Indie Artist Resource to provide protection to independent musicians with barriers to obtaining basic legal and business documents.

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